About Nethergate...

The Nethergate Brewery was born in 1986, in the small town of Clare, in Suffolk. Like many great ideas it was conceived in a pub between two friends, one a business man and the other a Micro Biologist.....the perfect team to set a brewery up.

The business was sold in 2010 when after 24 years Dick Burge thought it was time to spend a little more time with his wife.But four years later,Janet sent him back to the brewery where,like an old rock band,he bashes out the old classics and makes a few new tunes.We have always brewed high quality distinctive beers and from the very beginning we set out to continue to brew consistently high qualitydistinctivebeers; and are very proud to have won 40+ significant regional, national and international awards so far including twice winning Champion Winter Beer of Britain with our famous dark Porter Old Growler, recognising the hard work, skill and dedication of our Brewery team.

In 2012 we were very excited to be awarded the prestigious Good Pub Guide Brewery of the Year award.We have a fantastic range of permanent beers complimented by an interesting and innovative seasonal range. We use ingredients such as Coriander, Lemon and Ginger in our beers to create what we think are some of the tastiest beers around.

Since then we have gone on to win many regional awards.


There is a shop open at the address below where our range of exciting and tasty beers can be purchased in a variety of formats.

Rodbridge Corner, Long Melford, Sudbury, CO10 9HJ

Store Hours

Monday — Wednesday

9:00 AM — 6:00 PM

Thursday — Saturday

9:00 AM — 8:00 PM

Sunday/Bank Holidays

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM